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Red Doors

Origin Name

It began in 202 B.C. with the rise of the Han Dynasty and the fall of the Qin Dynasty, as rebellion strikes to control the throne, only one was victorious amongst all. Liu Bang, former rebel leader of Han, rose to the challenge and to power where he set the path for the Golden Age of Ancient China. The era with the largest civilization built by the most infamous and prominent “Hans” full of culture, philosophy, and technology. Fast forward to the present, the majority of Chinese ethnic groups refer to themselves as “Hans” because of the everlasting history of the Han Dynasty.


The Horse the New Dragon

Horses have always played a key role in Ancient Chinese history but before the horses came the dragons for they were mythical creatures that were highly worshiped as they symbolized the emperor and power. With the abundance of horses and their recurring present in Ancient China it slowly replaced the dragon due to its more potent characteristics and symbolism. The “Hans” worshiped the horse as one of their most sacred animals with Liu Bang’s victory. The horse symbolizes speed, perseverance, and youthful energy.


History & Vision

Han 202’s philosophy is simple, we believe that “Good Food” creates “Good Mood”. Han 202 was established in 2009 with the concept of Chinese cuisine with a French twist. Thus not only serving authentic dishes but offering a unique twist that would transcend beyond typical Asian fare. Han 202’s perseverance and creativity has kept it going for over a decade, thus we became a “Hidden Gem” of Bridgeport. We aim to keep traditional flavors while enhancing them with simplicity and uniqueness.


605 W 31st ST
Chicago, IL, 60616
(312) 949 1314

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